FSA Membership

FSA Membership

Franklin Township Board of Supervisors passed Resolution No. 2013-15 on June 19, 2013, that grants the Franklin Sportsman’s Association, FSA, (a licensed and insured association) permission to conduct a managed, highly-regulated deer hunt on four Township-owned properties: Banffshire, Goodwin, White Clay Crescent and Franklin Preserve. Effective deer management aims for a deer population level that will allow our environment to be healthy and to strike an acceptable balance between people and deer.  While it is impossible to please everybody, the overarching goal of effective deer management is to:

  • Maintain a healthy deer herd
  • Lower incidence of Lyme Disease and related  co-bacteria
  • Diminish deer damage to native plants and agricultural crops
  • Reduce deer-vehicle collision rates

The Franklin Sportsman’s Association supports Hunters Sharing the Harvest organization.  In an average hunting season, this organization channels about 100,000 pounds of processed venison through the state’s 21 regional food banks.  The Franklin Sportsman’s Association is privileged to support this worthwhile cause of feeding the hungry in our backyard with venison that comes from our very own Township preserves.

Safety Considerations

It is important to wear bright orange when entering the preserves during hunting season. When people are accompanied by an animal, the animal should have something bright on as well, such as a bandana for a dog or a blaze orange saddle pad for a horse.

Have you noticed that there are Notice Boards at the entrance to the Township Preserves? These notice boards were erected by the FSA and have hooks on them to show who is hunting in a particular zone in the Preserve. If a hunter is in the woods, he/she will hang his ID tag on the hook to show the general area where he/she is hunting.

For membership information contact Dave Philip via email: daveph@comcast.net